Saturday, 5 March 2016

This is the first blog I've ever had so, if, by some chance, you find yourself reading this I would like to say, welcome! I'd like to be able to write about whatever I want here, whether it be beauty and lifestyle tips, sharing experiences or just general life. It's really somewhere that I can be myself, almost like a diary, but one that has a purpose, one that someone could read a page of and have it help them in some way or another, even if it's with the littlest of things.
I'd like it to be somewhere I could turn to when I'm feeling rubbish, I could write about it and feel better. And it would be amazing if, in some far fetched fantasy, when other people felt rubbish they could turn to it and feel better too.
Hopefully, every time I do something good or bad I can write it here so I rememeber what to or not to do in the future. Then it would almost turn into a catalogue of life tips, experiences and memories that I could look back through it when I want to remember how I did my hair that one time or how I dealt with a particular situation. In an ideal world, this blog will be somewhere you can relate and turn to too, a place where we can all be ourselves, drop our everyday and online personas and just enjoy life for what it is.
Love, Ruthie Xx 

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