Tuesday, 12 July 2016

2016 Prom

As I did a blog post earlier this year about finding a prom dress and the pre-prom process, I decided to follow it up with a post-prom post to show you how it went.

First and foremost, I found a dress (obviously), but it was a dress that was right for me and I didn't expect that. It came from a site called Lindybop that sells all kinds of 1950s dresses. I was instantly hooked. After hours (no exaggeration necessary) of going through the many pages of the site I narrowed it down to 5 dresses and ordered them to try on.
When they came I was so excited I actually did a little squealing and jumping before bouncing into my room to try them on. As I loved all the dresses so much I thought choosing 'the one' was going to be really difficult but, in true teen movie style, I knew the moment I tried on the last dress it was the one I was going to wear. It was just perfect, I loved the sweetheart neckline, the shape, the colour, the pattern- it was just...right.

So, with my dress sorted we went on to order an underskirt- yep, an actual underskirt, just like the ones in Grease- and moved on to shoes. The minute I saw my dress I thought, "Red shoes." It is navy blue with branches and red birds so red shoes would have gone perfectly and, well, when else does a girl get to wear red shoes? So, with my heart fully engaged and my head absolutely switched off, we went shopping for a pair of closed-toe, high-heeled shoes in the most Autumn/Winter colour there is- red. The sun of hope began to set and the dawn of realisation started to shine through, red was just not going to happen. But don't fear, there was an unexpected twist in the story, Marks and Spencer stocked a glittery, goldeny shoe in my size (which is a lot more exciting than it sounds- I'm a 3 1/2!)
Okay, it wasn't what I originally intended but I loved this shoe, it was like something Belle would wear in 'Beauty and the Beast' and I'm never one to turn down feeling like a princess.

So shoes and dress sorted I moved on to jewlery- two simple drop pearl earrings and a matching pearl necklace, my lucky penny bracelet (that I wore throughout my exams) and my two favourite rings, my mic key mouse ring from Disney and the infinity ring I got for my 16th birthday. I wanted to keep it simple and personal, to wear things that meant something to make my outfit special and full of memories.

Luckily my next-door-neighbour is a hairdresser and she did my hair in an elegant 50s inspired updo to match the theme of my outfit. It was beautiful and I cannot thank her enough for the amazing job she did.

And finally, I did my own makeup. I'd practised the 50s style so went with the classic winged eyeliner and red/pink lip (I didn't want to go all red as we were having a 3 course meal and I wanted leave the table with as much dignity as possible which meant not smearing red lipstick over my food and face).

The evening was amazing, we started by having all my friends meet at my house where we'd hired a photographer to take a selection of pictures.
 It was so much fun and so much more relaxed than trying to get the school photographer to do it with a line of 300 other people behind him.
 Then we drove to school and went in for our meal. They'd done up the hall with fairy lights, balloons and coloured mesh which were strung from all the walls. They'd also (devastatingly) plastered the notice boards with our year 7 school pictures.

After the meal we danced and listened to the handing out of several awards (which no one wanted to win) that included 'most likely to go to prison'-whose idea was that?!- and 'most likely to win the lottery and lose the ticket' or, in other words, the most unorganised person on the planet. At least we all managed to laugh about them.
Afterwards my friends and I went to an after-prom party which was nice as it was made up of just the people I'm closest to so we really got to celebrate the end of our exams and the beginning of summer.

It was a really special night and one I will remember for many years to come.

Love, Ruthie Xx